Facts About Sweet Potato Nutrition That You All Must Know

Sweet Potato Nutrition

Candy potatoes will not be solely scrumptious but in addition wealthy in lots of nutritional vitamins and minerals (1). There are lots of forms of this potato, every having a distinct composition of vitamins. These might be recognized by the colour of the potatoes as they’re obtainable within the colours like crimson, yellow, purple, brown, white, and orange, and many others. (2).

Folks typically confuse them with yams, however each are completely totally different (3). These are additionally not carefully associated to common potatoes and might be consumed uncooked, boiled, baked, or in steamed kind (4).

This root vegetable is a wealthy supply of fiber, carbs, protein, minerals, nutritional vitamins, and many others. Owing to the presence of so many important parts, it helps eradicate many ailments and combat many issues like diabetes, varied kinds of most cancers, and many others., (5, 6, 7). Let’s take a look at what this tuber has to supply.

Candy Potato Dietary Details

Candy potatoes are cholesterol-free and are low in fats (8). The roots include 25-30% of the full carbohydrates of the tuber (9).

The quantity of water in these potatoes is about 77%; protein is 1.6%, 3% fiber and carbohydrates are about 20% (10).

Dietary fibers that these potatoes include are: cellulose– 31.19g/100 g, lignin– 16.85/100g, pectin -15.65/100gm, and hemicellulose– 11.38/100gm (11).

These potatoes are additionally a superb supply of protein and pure sugar (12).

The glycemic index of the potatoes might be decreased by boiling them, whereas, it may be elevated by roasting or baking (13).

It has been confirmed by the research that because of the excessive dietary worth of candy potatoes, they possess a lot of medicinal qualities (14).

Nutritional vitamins and Minerals in Candy Potato

Vitamin A

These potatoes have a superb quantity of vitamin A, particularly the orange candy potatoes (15, 16). Vitamin A or retinol is a fat-soluble vitamin, required for good imaginative and prescient and sustaining the general well being of the eyes in addition to the functioning of the cornea (17). Other than it, the vitamin retains a verify on the well being of lungs, kidney, coronary heart, and performs a job in fortifying cell features, bone development, and immune system (18, 19).

Vitamin B

The primary sources of B nutritional vitamins are meat and different non-veg merchandise. Candy potatoes even have enough quantity of this vitamin (20). The leaves of candy potato include vitamin B and can be utilized in meals preparations (21).

  • Candy potatoes are loaded with vitamin B6, which is required to combat despair, rheumatoid arthritis, and many others. (, 23).
  • These are additionally wealthy in pentanoic acid and biotin, that are required to interrupt down the meals and use it for development. The pentanoic acid additionally helps produce hormones (24, 25).
  • These tubers are additionally wealthy in niacin, a type of B vitamin, deficiency of which might trigger indigestion, canker sore, vomiting, and many others. (26, 27).

Vitamin C

One other necessary vitamin, i.e., vitamin C, is present in sufficient quantity in candy potatoes (28). This vitamin exhibits antioxidant properties and performs a job in collagen synthesis. It protects the harm brought on because of free radicals and reactive oxygen species (29). Research have proven that vitamin C reduces the danger of coronary heart stroke and helps individuals affected by hypertension (30). Furthermore, some researches declare that this vitamin reduces the possibilities of oral, colon, lung, and prostate most cancers (31).

Vitamin E

Candy potatoes include a big quantity of vitamin E, deficiency of which causes genetic issues, impaired steadiness, muscle weak spot, and many others. (32, 33). It’s required to combat pathogens like micro organism and viruses (34). It preserves cell membrane and prevents the harm brought on because of oxidative stress (35).

The vitamin, when taken from pure sources, decreases the danger of Parkinson’s illness, however extra proof is required to show it (36).

Vitamin Okay

It’s a fat-soluble vitamin that’s primarily present in meals and is current in some elements of the physique as nicely (37). This vitamin performs an necessary function in blood clotting within the physique (38). Additionally it is required to strengthen the bones of aged (39). For the reason that potato tubers are enriched with this vitamin, they may help within the synthesis of protein within the case of hemostasis (40, 41).


Sodium is the element that’s wanted in a small quantity. It’s principally required to chill out and contract muscle tissues, preserve the steadiness of water and minerals, and to conduct nerve impulse (42). If the quantity of sodium within the physique will not be correct, it will possibly trigger hassle and could also be dangerous. For sustaining the steadiness, one should eat meals that’s low in sodium (43). Since candy potatoes include an satisfactory quantity of sodium, they preserve a verify on the ailments that are brought on because of the low stage of sodium like Orthostatic Hypotension (44, 45).


Potassium is present in abundance in candy potatoes and is required for correct working of the nerves and muscle tissues (). 1 medium-sized candy potato comprises 694mg of potassium, which is highest amongst all (47). Potassium, when consumed via food regimen, is useful for bones and retains a verify on blood strain as nicely (48).


Our physique requires some micronutrients for correct functioning. One such micronutrient is iron, which is required for development and growth of the physique and manufacturing of hemoglobin (49). It’s current in a superb quantity in candy potatoes (50). Due to this fact, consumption of candy potatoes reduces iron deficiency (51).


Manganese is one other important mineral that our physique wants. Candy potatoes are a wealthy supply of manganese. It can be crucial that our physique has the correct quantity of manganese as its deficiency can result in infertility, weak spot, bone malformation, and many others. (53).


Our physique wants calcium for a number of causes. Calcium helps clot blood, maintains the heartbeat, aids in enlargement and contraction of muscle tissues, releases hormones, and strengthens enamel and bones. Candy potatoes are a superb supply of calcium (54), and thus, they’ll eradicate the issues brought on because of calcium deficiency.


Our physique wants copper to assist the method of absorption of iron. It additionally works together with iron for the formation of crimson blood cells (55).

Candy potatoes have enough quantity of copper; and therefore, their consumption can enhance the general well being of the physique (56).


Zinc is without doubt one of the important vitamins that our physique requires. The deficiency of this mineral may cause despair, anorexia, psychosis, diarrhea, and many others. Candy potatoes have a average quantity of zinc; and subsequently, it will possibly present aid in these issues (57).

Different Parts and Properties


As confirmed in lots of research, the purple-colored candy potatoes are enriched with anthocyanins which offer safety towards colorectal most cancers (58).

Bioactive Compounds

The leaves of candy potatoes are additionally wealthy in lots of vitamins and bioactive compounds. Consumption of the leaves has proven optimistic ends in cardiovascular ailments, immune system functioning, free radical harm, and many others., (59).


The beta-carotene within the fruit is principally liable for the presence of vitamin A, and since, candy potatoes are enriched with this compound, they eradicate the retinol deficiency in youngsters (60, 61). It additionally helps with coronary heart ailments and lung most cancers.

Chlorogenic Acid

The candy potatoes have a big quantity of chlorogenic acid as nicely, that’s the reason; they’ll contribute to the well being of the physique and forestall a few of the persistent ailments (63,64).

Along with these, compounds like thiamin, riboflavin, selenium, and many others., are current in traces (65).

Candy Potato or Common Potato

As already talked about, candy potatoes are totally different from common potatoes. However, the query is; which one is more healthy? Let’s take a look.

Common potatoes have lesser vitamins (i.e., nutritional vitamins and minerals) like vitamin A and C, sodium, potassium, and calcium (66). Then again, there are quite a few compounds in candy potatoes which might be absent within the common variant.

Candy potatoes have low glycemic index too, which is an additional advantage (67). Common potatoes even have excessive satiety worth and glycemic index, which might be dangerous and may trigger antagonistic results in people (68, 69, 70).

So, it’s clear that the dietary worth of the candy potatoes is increased; and therefore, they’re the more healthy selection than easy potatoes.


  • The candy potatoes have to be saved in a ventilated space at room temperature (60-65oF), and ensure to decide on potatoes which might be clear, well-shaped, and agency (71).
  • In case you are planting the candy potatoes at residence, use licensed plant and rotate the situation well timed to forestall ailments (72).


It may be concluded that the candy potatoes are related to good dietary standing because of the presence of plenty of vitamins (73). It could be smart to incorporate it in your food regimen as it’s a more healthy selection to your physique.

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