Dangers and Benefits of Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds have been used since historical occasions for his or her medicinal, culinary and narcotic properties. The seeds have quite a lot of well being advantages that vary from growing feminine fertility to sustaining wholesome levels of cholesterol. Add to that their software for wholesome pores and skin and hair, and it appears we’ve a superfood to take care of. Nonetheless, the seeds even have a darkish aspect and are by no means removed from the shadows. The opiates derived from the seeds are sadly abused to typically deadly penalties, and so when poppy seed well being advantages, you really want to maintain one eye on the risks. On this article, we present each.

Poppy seed and its oil are extensively used to handle varied well being circumstances. Listed here are the highest 23 well being advantages of poppy seeds.

This is likely one of the most enjoyable research to just lately come out about poppy seeds. A 100-year-old outdated process to look at ladies’s fallopian tubes for blockages has turned out to be a really efficient fertility therapy.

Many {couples} have issue conceiving on account of blocked fallopian tubes that stop the eggs touring from the ovaries to the uterus.

The process includes flushing the fallopian tubes with poppy seed oil blended with a dye after which x-raying the affected person to test for blockages. The trail the oil has taken reveals up within the x-ray and divulges obstacles.

fallopian tube flushed with poppy seed oil
Picture supply: https://www.newscientist.com

The process, referred to as a hysterosalpingography, was all the time simply meant to be simply an investigation, trying to find blockages. But it surely seems the poppy seed oil might itself assist fertility because the proof is sort of astonishing.

Scientists from the College of Adelaide randomly flushed the fallopian tubes of 1119 ladies with both poppy seed oil or water. These ladies that obtained poppy seed oil achieved a 40% being pregnant price over the following six months versus 29% who obtained simply water.

Researchers don’t but know whether or not the oil is the essential issue, as it could merely be higher at flushing mucus and particles from the fallopian tubes than water. Or it could be a but unknown response with a compound present in poppy seed oil itself.

Both approach, poppy seed oil fallopian tube flushing is a improbable fertility therapy and whether or not the lively ingredient is the oil or the poppies is a mute level. Poppy seed oil therapy works, is protected, is fast, is reasonable, and ought to be thought of earlier than an costly and distressing IVF cycle.

2) Promotes Pores and skin & Hair Well being

Anti-inflammatory properties of poppy seed scale back pores and skin irritation. Linoleic acid in poppy seed soothes the pores and skin and relieves eczema signs. Research have proven that low ranges of linoleic acid could cause pores and skin circumstances together with zits [1]. Linoleic acid can also be essential for the well being of the scalp and helps stop dandruff as nicely.

Grind poppy seeds into good powder and soak it in milk in a single day. Add a number of drops of lemon juice to it, combine nicely and apply it on the affected space. Rinse nicely after it dries. Including lemon juice reduces itchiness.

Poppy seed powder will be added to curd and utilized on affected areas. It can be utilized on the face to attain a wholesome glow.

3) Improves Digestion

Poppy seeds are wealthy in dietary fiber, which assist digestion and forestall constipation. Vitamin C in poppy seeds is important for a wholesome digestive system because it aids in producing collagen to maintain digestive tract tissues wholesome [2].

Add a teaspoon of poppy seed powder to a glass of water and produce to boil. Filter and add honey to style.

Aside from having poppy seed powder you may as well add a teaspoon or two to your salad.

4) Cures Sleeplessness

Magnesium aids in selling sleep and poppy seeds being a wealthy supply of magnesium helps to remedy insomnia. Magnesium will increase melatonin, the sleep hormone and reduces cortisol, which is stress hormone [3].

Very small quantity of opium alkaloids current in poppy seeds additionally aids in sleep. Please learn the ‘risks of poppy seeds’ part under for extra data on this.

Combine a teaspoon of floor poppy seed to a glass of heat milk and devour earlier than mattress.

5) Boosts Blood Circulation

Iron and vitamin B6 in poppy seeds are efficient for anemic circumstances. Iron improves blood circulation and oxygenates the physique. Copper current in poppy seeds additionally boosts blood circulation [4].

6) Cures Mouth Ulcer

Poppy seeds possess highly effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which support in treating mouth ulcer. The cooling impact of poppy seeds helps to deal with mouth ulcers that are usually brought on by extra warmth.

Add sugar or desiccated coconut to powdered poppy seeds and make a thick paste by including water. Devour this for reduction from a mouth ulcer.

7) Boosts Vitality

Manganese in poppy seeds helps operate of enzymes that battle free radicals in mitochondria thereby boosting vitality. Manganese is utilized by the physique as a cofactor for superoxide dismutase.

Manganese superoxide dismutase prevents damage to mitochondria [5]. Carbohydrates in poppy seeds additionally increase vitality ranges. Poppy seeds improve oxygen ranges, which increase vitality.

Poppy seed will be added to your common food plan for optimum advantages.

8) Improves Mind Well being And Reduces Threat of Cognitive Problems

Minerals like iron, copper and calcium in poppy seeds increase operate of neurotransmitters thereby supporting mind operate. Poppy seeds increase blood circulation and oxygen provide to mind, which support in lowering the danger of cognitive problems such together with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

9) Helps Bone Well being

Zinc in poppy seeds improve bone density. Research have proved low bone mass to be related to low ranges of zinc [6]. It performs an essential function in bone reworking cycle. Poppy seeds are a wealthy supply of calcium, which scale back the danger of osteoporosis. Phosphorous, current in poppy seeds, is simply second to calcium in supporting bone growth.

10) Relieves Constipation

Dietary fiber in poppy seeds aids in relieving constipation [7]. One of many many causes for constipation is indigestion and by serving to with digestion poppy seeds relieve constipation related to it.

11) Boosts Immunity

Iron and zinc in poppy seeds increase immunity [8]. Zinc stimulates white blood cell manufacturing which aids in preventing diseases.

12) Lowers Dangerous Ldl cholesterol

Oleic acid and dietary fiber scale back LDL ldl cholesterol aka unhealthy levels of cholesterol [9]. By growing good levels of cholesterol, oleic acid performs an important function in sustaining wholesome levels of cholesterol.

13) Reduces Threat of Coronary heart Circumstances

The antioxidant properties of poppy seeds promote coronary heart well being. Linoleic acid within the seed reduces danger of coronary heart circumstances [10]. Vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 additionally decrease danger of coronary heart issues. Poppy seed is wealthy in fatty acids, which scale back danger of blocks in arteries.

14) Reduces Free Radical Formation

Selenium in poppy seeds reduces free radical formation thereby stopping danger of assorted well being circumstances together with most cancers [11].

15) Promotes Imaginative and prescient Well being

Zinc in poppy seeds reduces danger of macular degeneration, a medical situation which can result in poor imaginative and prescient or lack of imaginative and prescient [12]. The antioxidant properties of poppy seeds additionally support in sustaining wholesome imaginative and prescient.

16) Relieves Nervous Problems

Poppy seed is a wealthy supply of B nutritional vitamins and calcium. B nutritional vitamins play an important function in sustaining wholesome nervous system [13]. Calcium in poppy seed helps nervous operate.

17) Improves Respiratory Operate

Poppy seeds comprise zinc, which features as cytoprotectant in opposition to irritation and toxins within the respiratory tract. Being an expectorant, poppy seeds relieve phlegm. Zinc has a vital function to play in respiratory epithelium [14], which is essential to lung well being. It’s also efficient in treating bronchial asthma and whooping cough.

18) Possesses Anti-Most cancers Properties

Poppy seeds are efficient in treating and lowering danger of most cancers. Oleic acid in poppy seeds blocks a gene that may improve most cancers danger [15]. Noscapine produced by poppy seeds fights tumors. They’re efficient in treating breast most cancers, lung most cancers, prostate and colon cancers.

19) Reduces Threat of Kidney Stones

Excessive ranges of calcium could cause stones in kidneys. Oxalates in poppy seeds stop over absorption of calcium thereby minimizing the danger of kidney stones [16].

20) Improves Sexual Energy

The aphrodisiac properties of poppy seeds enhance sexual life by boosting libido and treating impotence. It additionally stimulates the a part of the mind that’s related to psychological limitations to having intercourse.

21) Lowers Excessive Blood Stress

Potassium in poppy seed features as a vasodilator and therefore widens blood vessels and helps correct blood move [17].

Take equal quantities of poppy seeds and watermelon seed powder and blend nicely. In case you are taking giant quantities, you could retailer in an hermetic container. Have one tablespoon of this combination daily within the morning and night.

22) Helps Thyroid Operate

Poppy seeds comprise selenium, which performs an important function in regulating thyroid operate thereby eliminating signs related to hypo and hyper thyroid [18].

Risks of Poppy Seeds

Sadly, there are destructive unwanted side effects from consuming poppy seeds that can not be ignored. Poppy seeds are used to supply opium which when refined, will be made into a variety of very highly effective opiate medicine.

Whereas medicine akin to morphine are very important to present ache reduction for power and acute circumstances, its ‘road’ model, heroine, destroys lives on an epic scale.

The destructive results of poppy seeds relate to the presence of those opiates and when contemplating the risks of poppy seeds, we’re actually reviewing the destructive unwanted side effects of opiates.

23) Poppy seed tea

Poppy seed tea is a well-liked option to ingest the opiates which are current within the seeds. Strategies contain boiling the crushed the seeds and pods or washing the seeds in fizzy drinks and consuming the wash liquid.

Individuals devour these drinks primarily for the opiates and infrequently to achieve a few of the well being advantages listed above. The tea is used to assist with insomnia, scale back anxiousness or just to get ‘excessive’.

No doubt, poppy seed tea consumption can profit sleep, as all opiates are will induce sleep, however at what value? Likewise, do you actually perceive the dangers of consuming poppy seeds to get excessive?

We can’t stress how harmful poppy seed tea will be. The reason being that the amount of opiates within the tea can differ by a substantial quantity, and a recent tea brewed to the identical recipe, however with a special batch of seeds can have a morphine and codeine focus many multiples of what was beforehand consumed.

Certainly, a examine carried out within the Journal of Forensic Sciences in 1996 confirmed that the morphine content material can differ by as a lot as 125 occasions.  (19)

Overdoses of morphine will be deadly. As is usually the case, a morphine overdose could cause a pulmonary edema, which is a situation the place the lungs fill with fluid handed from the blood stream by the lung partitions. 

Individuals can and do die from morphine overdoses on account of poppy seed tea consumption.(20)

24) Poppy seed unwanted side effects

If the chance of loss of life weren’t purpose sufficient to keep away from consuming poppy seeds to get excessive, then there are additionally different poppy seed tea unwanted side effects.

Many individuals expertise acute abdomen pains after consuming poppy seeds which might final lengthy after the opiate impact has worn off. It is a frequent aspect impact from opiates basically.

Equally, ‘hang-over’ model complications are sometimes reported the following day alongside abdomen cramps.

25) Habit

However essentially the most problematic destructive impact from consuming poppy seeds in bulk or consuming tea is you truly may get pleasure from it an excessive amount of. Opiates are one of the vital addictive substances identified to man and you may simply turn into hooked on poppy seeds inside a matter of days if consumption is excessive.

What’s extra, the opiate impact turns into much less pronounced because the physique builds a tolerance, and the dosage is usually elevated to compensate. And as such, the chance of overdose will solely ever improve whenever you comply with this course.

26) Drug checks

For these of us who don’t want to get excessive from poppy seeds, there may be one nasty aspect impact which has caught many individuals unaware. Even when you eat a small quantity of seeds, maybe say on some bread with baked in poppy seeds, you could inadvertently fail a medicine take a look at.

Fashionable checks are extremely delicate and it isn’t unusual to fail a take a look at on account of completely harmless poppy seed consumption. If in case you have a scheduled take a look at, keep away from poppy seeds.

27) The best way to keep away from the risks of poppy seeds

Properly, the apparent reply to this query is to not devour huge portions in tea for the aim of getting some sleep or getting excessive. Nonetheless, there may be one other hack one ought to use if you’re making ready poppy seeds for cooking.

The poppy seed itself truly has virtually no opium in any respect. The opium that comes with the seed is on the surface of the seed and implanted there from the seed pod. That is why in opium manufacturing, it’s truly the pod that’s scored and scraped to gather the sap and the seeds will not be used.

So at any time when you might be cooking with poppy seeds, wash them totally to do away with any hint opium which will stay. After which get pleasure from your cooking with ease of thoughts.

Do’s and Don’t of Poppy Seeds


  • Clear poppy seeds earlier than utilizing to take away any impurities or stones. That features the opium
  • Since poppy seeds are laborious to grind, dry roast the seeds and soak them for a few hours in water or milk earlier than grinding.
  • To make use of poppy seeds raw, dry roast them to benefit from the aroma and taste.


  • Make tea or some other concoction to get excessive. Poppy seed tea can kill
  • Eat poppy seeded meals if in case you have a medicine take a look at to go
  • Eat seeds in giant portions for any purpose

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