20 Amazing Prebiotic Foods For A Healthy Gut

Prebiotic foods

Most individuals suppose ‘prebiotics’ is a misspelling of ‘probiotics’ and dismiss them. Probiotics dominate our headlines with limitless promotions of yogurt drinks, smoothies, and dietary supplements and you’d be forgiven for pondering that probiotics have been the extra essential meals for a wholesome intestine. However right here’s the rub: the one purpose why we hear extra about probiotics is that they are often branded, marketed and bought. Prebiotics meals then again, as a result of they’re consumed by consuming sure widespread greens, are simply not that marketable. But, it’s prebiotics meals that are way more essential for a wholesome intestine. The truth is, you may have a wholesome intestine in the event you don’t devour any probiotics in any respect, however you can’t have a wholesome intestine in the event you don’t devour any prebiotic meals. And keep in mind, it’s not only for adults – boosting youngsters’s intestine well being is simply as essential. So take a step again, ignore the probiotic promoting, and take a look at our prime 20 prebiotic meals.

What’s the distinction between Prebiotic vs Probiotic

The definition of Probiotics is given as “microbial meals dietary supplements that beneficially have an effect on the host by bettering its intestinal microbial balances” (1). Primarily, probiotics meals are meals or dietary supplements that include dwell micro organism. The commonest probiotics are dairy-based merchandise similar to yogurt however there are a lot of fermented meals, similar to kafir, tempeh, sauerkraut that additionally include dwell micro organism. Probiotics are consumed within the hope that the nice micro organism within the meals will colonize the intestine or increase the prevailing colony of micro organism that’s already there.

The definition of Prebiotic meals is given as “nondigestible meals elements that beneficially have an effect on the host by selectively stimulating the expansion and/or exercise of 1 or a restricted variety of bacterial species already resident within the colon, and thus try to enhance host well being“. (1)

Primarily, prebiotic meals are fibrous meals that aren’t damaged down by the digestive system. As an alternative of being digested, they transfer by the digestive system changing into meals or gas for useful micro organism that dwell within the digestive tract. Though all prebiotics meals are fiber, not all fiber is prebiotic. For a meals to be a prebiotic, it should fulfill the next circumstances:

  • Immune to abdomen acids and digestion within the higher intestines.

  • Is fermented by intestine micro organism;

  • Selectively stimulates the expansion of fine micro organism related well being and effectively being. (2)

In a nutshell, the distinction between prebiotic vs probiotic is that probiotics are meals that include good micro organism and prebiotic are meals that include the fiber that good micro organism prefer to eat.

What are the well being advantages of Prebiotic meals?

For any dwelling organism to thrive, it will need to have an considerable meals supply. This is the reason prebiotic meals are extra essential than probiotics. Until your intestine has a gentle provide of prebiotic fibers to nourish the nice micro organism, good micro organism can’t thrive and your intestine micro organism will change into unbalanced. You possibly can drink as a lot bio yogurt as you want, but it surely gained’t make a distinction with out prebiotic meals in your food plan.

So if prebiotics meals are extra essential than probiotics, what are the advantages of prebiotic meals and why do you have to think about prebiotic meals because the cornerstone of your food plan?

There’s a huge quantity of analysis linking the bacterial composition of the intestine to a wide range of each psychological and bodily ailments. The analysis signifies that the prevalence or lack of sure species may cause particular ailments that we might by no means have related to the intestine. In case your food plan doesn’t include the probiotics {that a} specific genus of micro organism likes, then this micro organism might be unsuccessful in colonizing the intestine and might be changed by one thing else.The substitute micro organism could be a pathogen or a micro organism that’s related to a medical situation similar to weight problems or despair.

Every particular person’s intestine micro organism composition is exclusive and analysis into altering the composition of micro organism with prebiotic and probiotic meals remains to be in its infancy. So whereas we aren’t able the place we will prescribe a selected probiotic meals for a selected illness, it’s sure {that a} balanced consumption of probiotic meals gives substantial preventative well being advantages.

The ailments related to unhealthy intestine micro organism have been lined extensively right here, however in abstract, unhealthy intestine micro organism have been linked to the next illnesses:

Now that’s fairly a listing! Given all these essential advantages, it is sensible to start out incorporating prebiotics into your food plan instantly. The excellent news is you might be in all probability already consuming no less than some prebiotic meals frequently.

Prebiotics for a healthy gutWhat Are The Finest Prebiotic Meals?

Prebiotics will be present in quite a few meals you in all probability already eat, however if you wish to increase your consumption of prebiotics, here’s a record of the 20 greatest prebiotic meals.

1) Berriesblueberries and raspberries

Berries are supply of prebiotics. Blueberries include prebiotic fibers, as do raspberries. Toss a handful on prime of your breakfast oatmeal, additionally supply of prebiotics. (27)

2) Different Greens

pile of spinachKale, chard, and spinach are all good prebiotic meals. Many greens are greatest consumed uncooked, and that is actually the case with greens, which additionally include nutritional vitamins A and C and potassium (26), though you may nonetheless profit from steamed or sautéed greens. You possibly can actually cook dinner your greens with garlic and onion for a prebiotic increase!

3) Dandelion Greensdandelion greens

Dandelion greens are particularly wealthy in prebiotic fibers and include an essential prebiotic fiber referred to as inulin. Inulin promotes the manufacturing of wholesome micro organism within the digestive system
(25). Add chopped dandelion greens to a salad, toss in a smoothie and mix, brew a soothing dandelion tea or sauté the greens with onions and garlic for a prebiotic superfood.

4) Bananas

single banana

Bananas particularly inexperienced or under-ripe bananas are supply of prebiotics. Bananas include inulin, which helps combat excessive ldl cholesterol and triglycerides (28). When you don’t look after the style or texture of under-ripe bananas, use inexperienced bananas in smoothies.

5) Barleytwo barley strands

Research point out that barley is a useful prebiotic meals, particularly in older adults. Barley helps general “intestine” well being as a result of it has “vital bifidogenic properties” (29). In brief, which means barley, like all prebiotics, promotes wellness by feeding or fueling “good” micro organism within the digestive tract.

6) Oatmealpile of oatmeal

Oatmeal has lengthy been related to managing LDL or “unhealthy” ldl cholesterol. However oatmeal can be an exquisite prebiotic meals. Whereas decreasing “unhealthy” microbes within the digestive system, oatmeal promotes the expansion of “good” micro organism within the digestive system, research recommend (30). It’s simple to construct a probiotic superfood for breakfast by merely topping cooked metal minimize oats with berries, honey and a little bit of yogurt. It’s scrumptious and good to your digestive tract and general well being!

7) Honeyhoney and honeycombe

Honey, and notably regionally sourced, unpasteurized honey, has lengthy been touted for its many well being advantages. It seems that honey can be prebiotic. Research present vital, enhance of “good” micro organism within the digestive tract of mice when they’re given honey (31).

8) Garlicgarlic

Garlic, each uncooked and cooked, is one other essential prebiotic meals, one that you’re in all probability already consuming. Along with quite a few different well being advantages, garlic helps intestine well being by feeding good micro organism. Additionally, garlic works to inhibit the expansion of some “disease-promoting micro organism” (32). Uncooked garlic is greatest and will be included into dressings and on prime of dips (33). For a double-dose of prebiotic goodness, sauté greens in garlic and olive oil.

9) Flaxseedbowl of flaxseed

Flaxseed is a straightforward possibility for including prebiotics to meals you already eat. Merely sprinkle flax seed on prime of quite a few dishes. This can be a great way so as to add prebiotics with out having to make main adjustments to your food plan. Flax will also be included into baked items. Flax seed additionally incorporates omega-Three fatty acids, which support within the administration of ldl cholesterol and triglycerides. (34)

10) Fermented Mealsprobiotic diary

Strictly talking, fermented meals are literally thought-about probiotics as they’re wealthy within the good micro organism that you just wish to encourage and develop within the intestine. However quite a few fermented meals similar to kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, tempeh, and kefir additionally include the prebiotic fibers which can be so useful: it’s simply that they arrive with the micro organism ‘pre-installed’.  Once you eat prebiotics, the fibers aren’t digested however ferment within the intestine, so consuming fermented meals immediately is a good way of kickstarting the method. (35).

11) Chocolatechocolate flakes

It’s possible you’ll be pleasantly shocked to be taught that chocolate has prebiotic properties. Analysis means that chocolate, notably darkish chocolate, helps increase “good” micro organism within the digestive tract, notably bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Moreover, darkish chocolate appears to inhibit the expansion of “unhealthy” micro organism within the intestine (36.) Reasonable quantities of darkish chocolate appear to have advantages for blood sugar ranges. Ensure you might be consuming high-quality darkish chocolate—the darker, the higher—and luxuriate in sparsely!

12) Leeksbunch of leeks

Leeks, particularly uncooked leeks, are good for digestive well being and work as a prebiotic. Like many prebiotic meals, leeks include inulin, which promotes intestine well being. Leeks additionally include vitamin Okay and supply quite a few different well being advantages as effectively (37). Though uncooked leeks present essentially the most well being advantages, cooked leeks are nonetheless possibility. Leeks can be utilized rather than or along with garlic and onion in lots of recipes.

13) Legumeschickpeas in a pile

Beans are a good selection for prebiotics. Excessive in fiber, beans ship protein and potassium along with prebiotics. In case your system isn’t used to processing beans, cook dinner them effectively and add them to your food plan slowly to scale back fuel and digestive discomfort. Lentils, edamame, and chickpeas are all good sources of prebiotics as effectively and have a tendency to trigger much less fuel and bloating than beans (38).

14) Uncooked Asparagusbunch of asparagus

Asparagus, particularly when consumed uncooked, is one other good supply of prebiotics. Like many prebiotic meals, uncooked asparagus incorporates inulin fiber. Research recommend that asparagus seems to combat sure kinds of most cancers whereas selling the expansion of “good” micro organism within the intestine (39).

15) Uncooked JicamaRaw jicama

Jicama is a root vegetable indigenous to Central America. It has the feel of a crisp apple and is great as an alternative to chips or crackers when consuming dips. Like many prebiotics, Jicama incorporates inulin, an indigestible fiber, which feeds “good” micro organism within the digestive tract. Additionally it is low in energy and helps weight reduction and upkeep and controls blood sugar (40). When you haven’t but tried jicama, choose up some at your native market. Peel, slice and devour uncooked for a crunchy deal with! Prime guacamole or hummus with crushed uncooked garlic and use jicama as a dipper for an excellent dose of prebiotic goodness.

16) Onionsbunch of onions

Each uncooked and cooked onions include inulin. Which means that onions are supply of prebiotics, along with having different well being advantages. Onions additionally include antioxidants which may increase the immune system. Onions can simply be included into quite a few savory dishes. The excellent news is you might be in all probability already consuming onions frequently. (41)

17) Chicorychicory

It’s possible you’ll be overlooking chicory in your food plan, however chicory really gives a number of advantages along with being a useful probiotic. Chicory root can be utilized in baking, as it really works as a binder. Historically, chicory has been used as a espresso substitute. The foundation will be brewed to create a beverage that mimics the style of espresso with out the acid and caffeine (42). Take into account brewing chicory root rather than or just along with your morning espresso as a straightforward means so as to add prebiotics to your food plan.

18) Acacia Gum / Gum ArabicArcacia Gume

Acacia gum is utilized in many processed meals; it really works as an emulsifier. Research recommend that acacia gum helps the manufacturing of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli micro organism, each “good” micro organism (43). Acacia gum will be bought in powder type and sprinkled on prime of meals or included in a smoothie.

19) Jerusalem Artichokejerusalem artichoke

The Jerusalem artichoke, also referred to as a sunchoke, is said to the sunflower, not the artichoke. It mimics the artichoke in taste and incorporates vital quantities of potassium and iron, along with offering useful prebiotics. Use it uncooked in a salad or shredded on prime of dips. It will also be sautéed with onions, garlic, and greens to create a savory, prebiotic-rich dish. It additionally works effectively if cooked and blended right into a creamy soup (44). You possibly can even buy Jerusalem artichoke dietary supplements to be taken orally in capsule type.

20) Psyllium HuskBowl of Psyllium Husk

Many individuals devour psyllium husks for digestive well being, as they work to enhance stool high quality and are a pure laxative. However it’s possible you’ll not understand that psyllium husks are additionally an exquisite supply of prebiotics. Psyllium ferments extra slowly than another prebiotics, so it has the advantages of manufacturing much less fuel and transferring additional down the digestive tract than some (45). It’s simple to buy psyllium husk powder and stir it into water or juice.

Suggestions for Incorporating Prebiotic Meals into Your Weight loss plan

You’re in all probability already consuming many useful prebiotics, but it surely’s simple to include extra into your nutritious diet. Use these simple methods to construct your each day consumption of prebiotics:


  • Use onions and garlic each time doable in your preparation of savory dishes. Not solely do these add taste and dimension to your dishes, however that is a straightforward solution to enhance your consumption of prebiotics.
  • Select bananas which can be greenish, fairly than ripe and mushy. When you don’t love the style or texture of just below ripe bananas, use them in a smoothie.
  • Prime a salad with shredded uncooked Jerusalem artichokes, including texture and crunch.
  • Chicory root will be brewed as a wholesome substitute for espresso. It mimics espresso’s bitter style with out the jitters that may be attributable to the caffeine in espresso. Chicory additionally binds collectively different elements as a way to use it in your baking.
  • Acacia gum is discovered in lots of commercially ready merchandise, however you should purchase it in powdered type and sprinkle on prime of meals or mix right into a smoothie.
  • Search for simple methods to create dishes that incorporate a couple of prebiotic. For instance, hummus, constructed from prebiotic chickpeas, will be topped with uncooked garlic or finely diced leeks and paired with uncooked jicama for dippers. Create a smoothie stuffed chock filled with a number of prebiotics: berries, flaxseed, greens, bananas and acacia gum.


  • Prebiotics must be launched into the food plan slowly to keep away from fuel and different intestinal misery.
  • When you undergo from GERD, Crohn’s illness, IBS or different problems affecting the digestive system, it’s possible you’ll wish to contact your physician earlier than including new prebiotics to your food plan.

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