12 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Static Hair

get rid of static hair

Static, at any time when we come throughout it, is an actual ache. It fries electronics, electrifies your garments and makes your hair stand on finish. Static hair (also called runaway hair or fly away hair) is a situation the place your hair turns into electrically charged. The causes of static hair, sadly, are quite a few as you’ll be able to choose up cost in many alternative methods. Likewise, controlling your runaway hair might be massively irritating as brushing and brushing can usually make issues worse. You probably have ever puzzled eliminate static hair, then we’ve received you lined. Our residence cures for static hair will let you know all it’s good to know to deliver your hair again underneath management.

Home Remedies for static hairWhat causes static hair

The ‘sciencey’ bit is fairly easy: when two objects of various electrical prices rub in opposition to one another, their ions switch, inflicting them to tackle a constructive or unfavorable cost.

Equally, when hair strands achieve a constructive cost, they repel one another. The extra cost every strand has, the extra it repels it neighbor and the extra your hair begins to levitate above your head, held up by an invisible electrical drive area.

The are many causes of static hair however cost will construct up for over-styling and over-drying. Harsh chemical compounds in hair care merchandise usually go away your hair lifeless, dry and uninteresting. Dry and uninteresting hair is far more liable to static cost.

how to get rid of static hairFind out how to eliminate static hair

1. Scale back the Use of Hair Dryer

Hair dryers pump out scorching dry air. The recent air cascades down throughout your strands of hair.

Sizzling, excited air is more likely to switch cost. If you’d like a mechanism for dispersing static cost to your hair, then that is it.static hair

In reality, the one factor that’s higher for charging your hair is rubbing a balloon in opposition to your head.

If you wish to know eliminate static hair, then a great place to start out is decreasing the usage of the hairdryer.

As a compromise, partially dry your hair utilizing a dryer; then let your hair dry naturally to complete off.

2. Use an Ionic Hair Dryer

ionic hair dryer for static hairIonic hair dryers are incredible for eliminating static hair. Don’t be postpone by the area age identify as they are surely the final word static hair answer.

You probably have static hair, your hair may have a constructive cost. An ionic hairdryer pumps out air with a unfavorable cost. (1)

A constructive plus a unfavorable cancel out. You’ll be able to determine the remaining out.

One other good thing about the ionic hair dryer is that the unfavorable cost breaks down water molecules on the hair into smaller drops so your hair dries sooner.

Additionally, conditioners and different hair merchandise adhere to the hair strands significantly better after they have unfavorable or no cost.

Hair merchandise work significantly better with an ionic hairdryer.

3. Mist Your Hair with Water

spray bottle

Water reduces the build-up of static prices. On humid days, most supplies will take up a specific amount of water. Some supplies will even develop a skinny layer of water throughout the floor.

Runaway hair is not any totally different.

Since water is conductive, the presence of water in your hair permits any built-up cost to dissipate again into your physique or out into the air.

Spray some water mist over your hair everytime you expertise static. If you wish to know cease static hair on the transfer, then that is an immediate repair.

Simply carry a mist spray in your purse.

4. Maintain a Dryer Sheet Useful

dryer sheetObjects mendacity round will over time choose up cost from their environment.

Wrap your comb in a dryer sheet when not in use, and in addition after utilizing it. By doing this it is possible for you to to keep away from static cost construct up.

You should use a dryer sheet for static hair. Gently stroke your hair with the sheet to take away the static cost. The misbehaving strands will shortly fall again into line.

Apply it to your pillow earlier than you go to mattress to manage static hair when you sleep.

You’ll be able to even use them in your garments to keep away from static on garments.

Maintain a dryer sheet in your purse to cease static hair on the transfer.

5. Humidifier

humidityWater vapor conducts electrical cost. The extra humidity within the air, the extra the charged ions in your hair will dissipate into the room or into your physique.

In case you use a humidifier within the room, the elevated humidity won’t solely forestall injury resulting from dry hair but in addition it’s going to eradicate static hair.

In case you don’t need to purchase an costly humidifier, you’ll be able to attempt drying your hair within the rest room simply after you could have completed your bathe.

The air will nonetheless be moist and fewer static vitality will construct up as you dry.

6. Footwear

shoes for static hairHave you ever ever had an electrical shock simply by touching a steel railing or banister? Or maybe from opening a automotive door?

This static shock occurs as a result of your total physique has constructed up an electrical cost and this cost is simply ready for the chance to discharge again to earth.

Sporting rubber-soled footwear is usually the wrongdoer. The rubber soles forestall the cost from flowing again to earth. In case your physique builds up too giant a cost, you get a nasty shock if you contact one thing steel that’s earthed.

Charged objects with the identical cost repel one another. Your hair is not any totally different. In case your physique turns into charged, so does your hair.

As particular person strands change into charged, they begin to transfer away from one another, et voila! you could have a static hair drawback!

If you wish to know eliminate static hair, ditch the rubber soles.

7. Steel Comb

metal combWe all know that rubbing a balloon in your head causes static to construct up in your hair. Combing your hair with a plastic comb is just not a lot totally different.

Plastic combs shortly switch cost to your hair, leaving you to take care of a foul hair day.

Attempt utilizing a steel comb. They’re an amazing static hair answer.

Any cost created by combing will shortly movement again via the comb into your physique and right down to earth. There can be no static construct up.

8. Comb Moist Hair

wet hairThe motion of combing your hair causes friction which results in a build-up of cost.

When your hair is moist, cost is well dissipated and can’t construct up.

Brush your hair with a steel comb. In case you don’t have a steel comb, then comb your hair solely when it’s moist. This can be a nice static hair treatment.

In case your hair is dry, spray some water after which comb.

7. Use Moisturizer

moisteurizerMoisturizer will go away a skinny layer or product on the outer floor of the hair, locking in moisture to your hair.

The moisturizer layer and the trapped water acts like a lightning conductor, sending constructive cost construct again down the hair strand into your head.

Apply moisturizer each time you shampoo your hair.

Word – For greatest outcomes, use silicon-based moisturizer.

9. Hair Serum

hair serumApply serum to forestall lack of moisture from hair. Hair that retains moisture doesn’t construct up a static cost.

Take 3-5 drops of serum on palms and rub them collectively. Apply in your strands.

10. Anti-Frizz Cream

anti frizz serumThis static hair treatment works in the identical manner as different hair care merchandise. The product helps dissipate the cost again into your physique.

Take a dollop of anti-frizz cream in your palms. Apply it to your hair.

Word – Keep away from making use of anti-frizz cream in giant portions as this may increasingly go away hair wanting flat when it’s blended with pure oils already current in your hair.

12. Hair Oil

hair oilTherapeutic massage your hair with oil it’s dried. Hair oil will permit any potential cost in your hair to dissipate again into your physique.

This can neutralize the static cost and make your strands manageable.


  • Preserve a niche of 48 hours between washing your hair with shampoo.
  • Make the most of a wide-toothed comb as a substitute of a daily one to detangle your hair.
  • Maintain your hair moisturized by common software of conditioner after washing with shampoo.
  • Go for hair spa as soon as a month.


  • Don’t use blow dryers for those who can.
  • Don’t make use of extreme hair styling merchandise like gels, sprays, and shampoos.

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